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June 15, 2010

Lewis talks in his sleep. And Ben answers.

Last night Lewis was calling out every few minutes from about 11pm to maybe 2am or so.  His eyes would still be closed, he didn't need anything and he wasn't soothed by having his covers or gackoo or bear rearranged.  He was just dreaming, I guess. Lewis wasn't waking up, but he was just waking us up.  At one point Ben got in bed with Lewis and that helped a bit but Ben must have pet Lewis the wrong way or something because he said, "No do that, Papa!"  Eventually Ben got back in our bed hoping the distress calls were over.  A little later we heard Lewis again, "No do that, Papa!" to which Ben replied from his spot next to me, "Ok, Lewis!  I won't do that!" 

After a little while Lewis was calling out again so we put Lewis in bed with me and Ben slept in Lewis's bunk all alone.  I found that if I had even just a corner of my body touching Lewis he stayed quiet, so I'd just lay a hand on his leg or scoot my back to his.  But that got hard as the night wore on because he kept ending up perpendicular to me.  Nevertheless, that bought good sleep for the rest of the wee hours.

Tonight he's been calling out again.  One time he said, "Dry off, Mama!!!  Mama!  Dry off!!!"  Perhaps he was reliving the moment he spilled water on himself during dinner tonight.  And I think he was dreaming about a bad sharing incident at one point because I could have sworn I heard him say, "Mine!  Mine!"  Ahhh, to glimpse in the minds of babes...

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Laurie said...

Aline does this--although she can't talk yet, so it's just a grunty, screamy sound. Nothing helps to calm her, so we just have to leave her to do it. The sleep books call it "confusional arousal."

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