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June 14, 2010

Help! I'm starting to panic!

So, of course I have already done a lot of reading about healthy twin pregnancy and managing/surviving that difficult first year and one source recommended getting all your preparations at home done by the time you are 30 weeks.  After that point you will not only be at increasing risk for early labor but you will be getting larger and more uncomfortable and tired.  You will be glad you got everything in order before then.  Now I'm feeling the pressure.

I'm about 21 weeks along now, give or take a few days, and I am getting to that hard-to-bend-over-to-pick-up-that-sock stage. After cleaning the kitchen last night I was so exhausted I couldn't wait to put my feet up and when I brought up a load of laundry I was audibly winded.  I'm starting to panic!  The clock is ticking and I'm only getting bigger!  So tonight I worked on the baby room, organizing the boxes of Art and Lewis's hand-me-downs and stashing crib sheets and blankets in the bin under the crib.  Tomorrow I might start painting our bedroom, part of the Twin Preperation.  I want our room to be beautiful, even if there's dirty baby laundry and dust bunnies piling up.  I still need to organize the spice cabinet in the kitchen and make a user-friendly bills area in case, God forbid!, Ben has to do the bills when I'm too tired to do it myself.  We need a changing table or dresser or something!  We sold ours!  And I need to organize the diapers and baby clothes!  I need to get the closet in the baby room super organized with shelves and hooks and baskets!  I need the Twin Nursing Pillow!!!!  

So, I'm feeling a sense of urgency.  I imagine that in a couple months I will be sleeping poorly (I'm already battling Restless Legs and a little achiness) and struggling to balance my enormous midsection.  This stuff needs to get done NOW!  Or at least in the next several weeks.  Wish me luck.  

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CharleyJax said...

Jess, if you ever want someone to come over and help talk you off the ledge... I mean help with this kind of stuff, let me know. The boys have preschool MWF this summer, and I only work Friday mornings while they're there.
I'm happy to help with whatever. Just let me know!

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