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April 11, 2010

More from Lew's Birthday

We went over to Cait and Zach's (Cait is Jessica's cousin) new house for dinner and birthday cake today. Art and Jess made the cake earlier in the day, which, as Jess will readily tell you, uses something like 5 sticks of butter and two bags of dark chocolate chips. It's delicious. Cait and Zach's new home is entirely wonderful, even though I don't have any photos of it (sorry).

Art with his dinosaur tattoos, a thoughtful gift from Bubbe on Lewis' birthday. "I always like to get something for the other one, too." Bubbe will eagerly seize on any excuse to buy something for the kids. Or anyone really. It's a great thing.

Cait holing Ema, a senior dogizen.

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