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April 21, 2010

Listening to Art quiz Papa.

Ben did bedtime while I lounged on the couch today.  He had to answer a lot of questions from Art about what we do after he and Lewis go to bed.  Ben explained that we stay up and have special time together.  "Do you ever just go to sleep?"  "No.  I pretty much always stay up and have some special time with Mama because we like to have some time together without anybody asking us for anything or saying, 'Watch this!  Watch this!' Mama and I also just like being together all alone with no kids around. We can watch tv or play games or give eachother lots of hugs and kisses."  Art was quiet for a while and then asked, "What do you do when Mama isn't there, when she's at choir and you're all alone?"  I don't know. I'm just tickled by how he wants to know what goes on when he's asleep.

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