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April 11, 2010

In honor of Lew's birthday.

In honor of Lewis's birthday I shall write about something I've been thinking for several weeks now.

I love everything about Lewis's body!

Maybe it's just the nature of a toddler body that I love, but I do love it.  The narrow shoulders.  The short neck.  I love the sway back, tiny yet squishy butt and the GIANT belly.  I love the giant belly.  I love the way his legs look while he's running around and especially when he kicks.  It's like a reflex.  There's so preparation or follow through, it just shoots out in front of him.  I especially love toddler feet.  They are always moving.  I could be holding him all snuggled before bed and his feet just keep moving.  The way I've often thought of it is "expressive".  Baby feet are expressive!  

I love the way his cheeks are still kind of round and firm, like they're made of foam or something.  How big a toddler head is compared to his shoulders and how heavy it is for them to carry around.  I love how deliberate everything has to be, like saying a big word (steg-oo-soar-us) or phrase (look-ee, Pa-pa) and trying to spear a pickle out of the pickle jar.  That is  a very deliberate and involved activity.  I like watching Lewis dance or attempt to shake his bottom like Art does, but Lewis can't really do it yet so really, just his arms are shaking.  It's all really lovely.  

So, Lewis, here's lookin' at you!  You are a joy for just you're being you.  Happy Birthday!

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