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April 24, 2010

And here's some more about TWO.

Lewis is TWO!  And he had his check-up on Friday.  He is 3' 1" tall.  He weighs 32lbs 12oz.  He's big for his age - 96th percentile - but growing in height and weight evenly so that's good.  And no developmental issues or delays.

Art brought Bear, his own special bear, for Lewis to hold if he got scared. Art likes to go to Lewis's doctor appointments and be the caring, older brother.  After Lewis got his shots and was crying Art quickly snuck Bear under my arm while I was holding Lewis so he could hold Bear and feel better.  Art was eager to get on the scale so Lewis wouldn't be scared.  And it worked.  Lew went right up there after Art did.  He played "sneak around" with Lewis while we waited for the flobotomist to come and take a little of Lew's blood.  Yep.  A little finger prick.  And Lewis didn't even flinch!  He pulled his hand away a little but he was incredibly cooperative. Then he didn't want to wear the band-aid.  When he finally pulled it off (it made a Pop! sound) he said, "No boo-boo!"  As if taking the band aid off made the little hurty part go away.  So easy!

All in all a very easy and boring doctor's visit, just the way we like 'em!

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Eclectic Teacher said...

Oh, my gosh...I looked at your ultrasound and said "twins" before I even got to the end of the post....they look healthy...and such good brothers they will have...and thank heaven they have two sacks! Congradulations! Helen in Raleigh

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