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March 01, 2010

Trip to the capital.

A few days ago Art asked if he and I could have a "special time", just him and me without Lewis or Papa. Today we had our special time attending a rally at the Capital in support of Early Childhood Education funding. We rode a real school bus there, walked up the many steps, saw the inside of the echo-filled building, noticed the beautiful ceilings, walls and lights and raced up and down the steps outside... many times. Art was very impressed with the building itself. He said it was beautiful as we drove up to it. Then he asked why it was beautiful. He thought the inside was beautiful, too.

We found this Teddy Bear Band mascot putting on his mittens before his big entrance.  Art got a quick pawshake before the bear went on.

We raced up these steps at least ten times after the echos and noise inside had gotten to be too much to bear.

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Dr Em said...

I think Art gets his love of mascots from me.

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