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March 05, 2010

A summer tradition resumed.

Ever since Art was a tiny boy we would take bike rides to the cafe (May Day cafe) and then walk over to Powderhown Park to feed the ducks and play on the playground. With the recent 40-degree days I figured NOW IS THE TIME, so I biked the kids over in the trailer for a tasty breakfast and then to the park. Of course it was snowy but fun for both kids. It really does get dark and cold in Minnesota! Jessica just said this morning how much happier and brighter she's feeling lately that it's been warmer with longer days.

Art is doing one of Jessica favorite things: crunching through thin layers of ice. If you're walking with Jess and she sees a puddle with thin ice there is no stopping her. She has to crunch it and observe the fascinating behaviors of cracking ice.

"Lewis, do you want to hold my hand!?" said Art.
"Uh huh," said Lew.

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Dr Em said...

I LOVE crunching that ice!!!! I do it everytime I walk the dog :)

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