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March 11, 2010

Sick mom couldn't find sub, but kids made it easy on her.

I was blessed with some awfully cooperative kids tonight while I suffered with my dragging cold.  I got sick several days ago and thought I was on the tail end, but the last couple nights I've been so beat - and so glad when Ben would get home from work.  Then today I felt crappy and Ben was called away for an overnight assignment.  Man, I wanted to call a babysitter or someone, anyone, to be Mom for the day!  But instead my kids just stayed cool.  Lewis and I took a nap in my bed, which usually guarantees  a nice long snooze.  (When I first asked him if he would go up for nap in my bed he said no, like every good toddler.  Then he said, "Gackoo!  BIG!" for big bed.) Then Art and Lewis played without me while I cooked chicken soup and hung out with my sister in the kitchen.  I was able to hustle the kids to the Y for Art's swim lesson with minimal resistance, get them out of the Y and back to the car pretty easily and home to the finished soup for several bowls.  No, really, I had three bowls of soup.  Then we watched a nature show, read some books and they were down.  

Ok, but there were some silly moments.  I forgot our jackets in the locker room as we were leaving the Y so I asked them to stand by the door while I ran back in for them.  When I came out they were gone.  But I knew exactly where they were.  They were in the gymnasium running around like maniacs while the Body Pump class was setting up.  They always want to go there.  Then we saw cousin Cait!  And after I put Lewis in bed and went down to collect Art Lewis started calling for me.  We got upstairs and he was saying, "Nummie!  Nummie!"  He wanted to brush his teeth.  See, Lewis says "eat" if he's hungry or maybe even "ga ga" if he wants a bite, but if he sees something like a cookie, gummy bears, butter or toothpaste he says, "Nummie".  It is reserved for extra tasty things.  Anywho, he wanted to brush his teeth with the tasty toothpaste and then just sucked on the toothbrush for a couple minutes.  Kids.

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