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March 07, 2010

Growing friends.

Saturday in our early childhood class the parents go into another room to talk about being parents. As we were leaving Arthur asked Lewis if he needed help washing his hands before snack. Even before we had two kids I always loved the idea that having a second child would be a chance for Art to have a friend. And they are certainly that. But I also love that Art looks out for Lewis. He'll lean and ask Lewis a question softly and extra clear, he'll hold his hand or give him random hugs. Art often advises me and Jessica how best to remedy Lew's crying, and his advice is often hilarious and sometimes right.

It's also true that we don't blog and are less interested in sharing all those times they argue and cry or what not--it's not all utopia. But it really is terrific to be there and see those moments when Arthur really sees his brother as his little brother who might need a little help. It's unbearably sweet.

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