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March 12, 2010

Full Disclosure...

So, after a three hour nap today I feel a whole lot better.  Plus three and a half more bowls of soup (which, of course tasted a million times because it's the second day.  Not to mention the addition of MORE egg noodles and some matza balls).  I have energy again!  But after reading my post from yesterday I realized there were some missing elements in the description being sick with my angelic children. 

First of all, they did watch TWO episodes of Dinosaur Train AND an entire nature show.  That's a total of two hours in front of the tube through the day.  So that was obviously easy on the sick mom.  And I haven't put anything away in days.  It was literally getting hard to walk around in my bedroom.  The kids dumped out all the legos in the basement, which you know is a recipe for foot pain and tidying tediousness, but I let them because it meant they were busy and I didn't have to get up and do anything.  So, it's not all peaches and cream around here.  It actually looks like a warzone in many places.

Oh, and we ate out for lunch yesterday and today, we had soup for dinner two days in a row.  So they made it easy on me, but I made it really easy on me.  Eh.  It's what you gotta do sometimes…  But now I really got to pay the price and clean up.

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