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February 24, 2010

The brilliance that is Lewis.

Jessica writes:

Lewis, like most second children, gets the short-end of the milestone
celebration stick. I've written about this before, but it is mostly
because Art's milestones were also our parental milestones. Baby
grabbing my keys? I already had that first in my life. But
nonetheless, Lewis impresses us and impresses his personality upon us

For instance, right now Lewis is playing in the basement by himself
with animals. They are doing all kinds of things that require him to
use a falsetto voice. Things like, "Walk!" and "Talk!....Hi!" Lewis
is also building with blocks these days, something that totally
engrossing him. He will work and work to build a tower and during
that time he is so focused it's as if the world around him does not
exist. I took a nice little video of that which Ben will likely post

Lewis is also showing signs of his music involvement. Now that I
teach Music Together (only once a week, but it's a start) he goes to
class with me, sometimes twice in a week, and we sing and listen to
songs all week long. He can match pitches and sing back two note
patterns with ease. In fact, the other day the boys were watching
Dinosaur Train and the Hungry Hungry Herbivore song was playing. At
the end of each phrase Lewis sang the last note. "Wahoooooo!" and
he'd oooooooooh, "We love to chew!" and he'd sing choooo, "Cause
that's our fooood", fooooood. "If it's green it's," gooooooood.

Here he comes! I think he has a truck, from the sound of it. Let's
see. Yep. A bulldozer and a tractor.

He's really into things with wheels and animals. We have a book
called My Friends in which each animal teaches the girl how to do
something. The gorilla teaches her to kick! And yesterday we were
playing with cookie cutters. He saw the gorilla and said, "Kick!"
Everything just goes in there and sticks. I love this age.

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