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January 24, 2010

Gender color preferences revealed and The Most Rediculous Baking Project

Today Art said, out of the blue (no pun intended, but it is a good one considering the topic!) "Girls like purple and boys like black."  

"Really!" I answered.  "Who told you that?"  

"Nobody.  I just know."

"Do you like purple?" I asked, since only a few weeks ago he was asking to have his room painted purple and pink.

"No.  I only like black.  And brown and white."  

"What about pink?"

"I don't like pink."  (Even thought just today he wanted the pink popsicle stick and he used to always want to be the pink hippo in Hungry, Hungry Hippos)

"So if we play Hungry Hippos you're not going to want to be the pink one?"

"No," he answered.  "You can be the pink one.  You like pink."

Consider gender neutrality a thing of the past.  We are entering a new phase of exploration: gender roles!

Speaking of rolls!  Rediculous baking project of the day - fig newtons.  I tried to make newtons.  Ever since Paul Newman made Fig Newmans I can never eat another regular newton, Paul's are so superior!  But they are also so expensive so I thought, what if I could make my own?  And what if they were really good?  Well, they were a pain in the ass to put together and the kids were totally not into the whole baking thing today. Art barely held the mixer with one hand while he devoured a grapefruit popsicle with the other.  And when I was rolling the dough between two greased sheets of parchment (!) he said, "Can you stop baking now?". Then they had a half-hearted battle over the mini-chopper button to puree the figs. Result? Neither one of them so much as licked their homemade newton when all was said and done.  So I have decided that it IS worth it to spend $4.50 on Fig Newman's because they are yummy and apparently much more difficult to produce than I ever imagined.

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Laurel S said...

So funny! This reminds me of when Si observed, "Girls say 'disgusting' and boys say 'gross,'" which I realized was right on! I wonder if the days of my boys loving pink are numbered?

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