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January 15, 2010

Didn't really look for the camera as I dashed out the door to take the kids to the Children's Museum this afternoon, but boy do I wish I'd had it!  There were some priceless moments!  Art made me a cake in the pretend restaurant and when I pretend-tried it I told him it needed more vanilla and to be cooked longer, so he returned to the pretend kitchen and worked diligantly.  He shook pretend spices and stirred, poured pretend-milk into a measuring cup and then into his mixing bowl, added a plastic potato and ginger, measured some pretend-something-or-other into a teaspoon and added it and mixed.  This busy baking when on for more than just a couple minutes.  Then he brought the cake to me and it was pretend-delicious!  

Art and Lewis also manned the cash register in the pretend-grocery store.  Art brought some stuff to Lewis and asked, "How much does this cost, Lewis?" and Lewis said, "Gwee!"  

Then we went into the water table area and the boys were silent and focused.  I swear, that part of the museum with the water tables and fountains and ping-pong balls going through tubes is just what a little kid wants.  They were entranced.  I mentioned to the dad standing next to me that they should have a coffee stand and some comfy couches for the parents in that area since the kids are totally self-sufficient.  I looked and saw that Art had moved to a different table and that Lewis had moved, too.  In fact, he wasn't in that area anymore!  I didn't panic because the place is teaming with kids and parents and I just didn't think he could have gotten far, but it did take a few minutes to find him.  He had walked all the way out of the World Works area, a good 100 yrds of activity spaces, to the main hallway.  When Art and I found him he was walking back into World WOrks looking a bit concerned, but neither of us had reached real desperation yet.  I told him to stay close, that I was scared when I didn't see him near me.  Then we went to the coat room and played Surprise with all the people collecting their coats.  That was Art's idea.

Good times.  Need to bring the camera next time.


Anonymous said...

Camera and Nanna

Anonymous said...

I have lost children at the museum before! It seems to be a common problem though - the staff are extremely attentive and helpful, and are connected by walkie talkie. It only took minutes for them to find one of the kids and she was two floors up!!

cousin cait

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