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December 14, 2009

Yes, that IS a sharpie.

Today I spent a chunk of time with the kids as Jess ran some errands. I had hoped to get both kids down for a nap so I could get a little break. Around one I tucked them into their separate beds. 10 minutes later I heard laughing and running and went up stairs. They had gotten out of bed to goof off. We compromised that they could sleep TOGETHER on our big bed. I knew this would not work, but figured I could at least finish a couple things downstairs while they goofed off. I came downstairs and noticed it was very very quiet. This usually means they're either sleeping or doing something they know the ought not. It was the latter. 10 minutes later Art came walking downstairs and looked at me with this face pictured here. My fears were realized when Art showed me the permanent marker he was using. I was quite scared, imagining that our kids would have scribble tattoos for the next couple weeks. But luckily most of it came off with a little warm water and scrubbing. I couldn't quite reach inside Lewis' ear to get the markings in there...

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