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December 08, 2009

What our boys like to wear lately.

Art LOVES his new tights. His preschool teacher dressed both her boys in tights until they were old enough to care (around five) because the don't slip down like socks and they keep the legs and ankles warm on cold days. I also thought he would love a pair of tights because it is FUN to have your whole legs and feet be a new color! And he sure does find them fun. He wanted to wear them to school today without pants over them because he wanted to be able to see them. And when he got home it wasn't long before he was just tight-legged. Here he is doing some serious jumping from the coffee table in his nice, brown tights.

Lewis, on the other hand, prefers to wear nothing at all lately. He pulls at his shirt and pants until he gets help removing them. There is a bonus, though - he went to the potty and peed in it today! Not possible had he been wearing pants. He did pee on the floor two times before that, though, so don't be gettin' the potty-training hopes too high. Here he is doing his yoga move... on the coffee table.

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Dr Em said...

look at those finger toes!

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