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December 05, 2009

A visit from Grandpa Tim (and a visit to Josh's school).

My father was in town over the past few days. He tagged along with me at work for day, including an unusually good (and disgustingly violent) overtime hockey game at the Minnesota Wild.

And we also visited Josh at his school where we watched him amazingly keep junior high kids wide awake and learning in his Latin class (a video and more photos to be posted later from our visit to his school). For our entire visit kids and teachers would curiously look into Josh's class to see what his father and brother looked like. And a number of times kids would pass us in the hallway and say, "Hello Mr. Garvins!"

And then last night my pops joined about 50 or so other friends and family at the house for a book party of sorts, complete with homebrewed Ant Farm Ale by my friend at work Jason.

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