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December 20, 2009

Things always seem to work themselves out as soon as we think about them.

Recently Ben and I were thinking of bringing the t.v. to some other room so Art wouldn't see it and wanna watch nature shows all day.  Then the living room could be more about playing, dancing and reading. Turns out we had inadvertantly made a book nook for the kids when  when we moved the couch for the Christmas tree.  Now we have two rooms in one!

Suddenly, for the first time in Art's little life, he is interested in looking at books on his own and even telling the story to Lewis or me!  I tell you, four years old seems to have magically brought a bucket-load of confidence to our first-born son.  Even just a few weeks ago he would have scoffed at reading to me.  "But I don't know how!"  And I would remind him that he could read the pictures or make up his own story.  The last few days he's been doing just that.  Here he is reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear to Lewis in what he has named his "library" after bringing armful after armful of books downstairs.

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