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December 06, 2009

Lewis had a Grand Day Out.

Today Ben and I split up and each took one kid out for a "special time" with a parent.  I took Lewis to the Children's Museum and Ben took Art to the airport on the light rail.  

Lewis and I had a lovely time toddling around the Children's Museum together at his pace.  He climbed around the toddler-friendly Habitot for about an hour and we chased each other through the little pretend caves.  He thought the black-light was hilarious and answered back to the nature sound buttons, especially the timberwolf howl, ("Howooooooooooh!").  He played with magnet rocks for over 10 minutes in the gift shop and nicely lined up the toy monster trucks bumper-to-bumper.  Later we went to the grocery store together and he pointed out all the foods he knew - "Apple!", "Nanna!", "Cheese!" - and mislabeling a tomato as an apple.  (Dummy!!!)  We had a lovely little time.  It's about time, too.  Poor little guy doesn't get a chance to run the show very often.

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