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December 28, 2009

Last week's nature day. AKA - Snake watch!

Last week, while Ben was out of town, I took the boys to the Mall of America aquarium for our family Nature Day and it was surprisingly natural! Even though we were in a mall, profit based thing, we were still completely focused on the animals and habitats. Here's Art watching a snake, which we watched for about 15 minutes as it inched itself around it's tank.

It's funny, but this trip to the aquarium was really focused on the first several exhibits featuring Minnesota native animals.  I usually think those ones are a little lame, but Art and Lewis spent the bulk of their energy there.  Here they are watching the turtles swim around.

Finally, we went through the shark tunnels. It was really neat, as usual, but somehow less exciting than watching a snake move slowly in a tiny glass box. Funny.

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