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December 13, 2009


We were watching Mr. Rogers and a neighbor, Bob Treau, came over to give Mr. Rogers a gift - a portrait drawn with pastels of Mr. Rogers himself! Mr. Rogers was all aflutter and said again and again, "I didn't know you knew how draw like that!" Then Mr. Rogers drew a childlike rendition of a face saying that when he was a child that's how he would draw a face. Bob said he did, too, but then he learned that eyes go here and the mouth goes there, and so on, until he was drawing a rough sketch of Mr. Rogers again!

I said, "Let's go draw a face!" and Art said his usual, "But I don't know how." I reminded him that neither did Mr. Rogers or Bob Treau when they were little, and they both learned over time by trying again and again. Look! Art did it! He drew a face!!!!

The face Art drew has arms and legs, coming out of it's head of course, and the mouth has teeth. I'm so proud of him! And grateful to Mr. Rogers for his compassionate program. It provided a leaping off point that my best love and encouragement just couldn't do.

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