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November 11, 2009

Spreading the joy.

There's a couple big drainage ditches a few blocks from our house. Both are fun destinations, one with a big Weeping Willow that Art calls the Egret's Nest (we've seen egret at the drainage pond there) and the other is surround by tall reeds and cattails. We went over there last week to explore and had a great time exploding the cattails' seeds. You just start to open them and the seeds start peeling away from the plant like an overflowing bathtub or something. Last night we went down there after dinner for some more cattail fun and realized we could bring the cattails from the one 'pond' across the street to the other one and try to populate the cattails over there!!! We exploded five cattails by the water of the Egret's Nest pond and will eagerly watch next spring to see if our seeding efforts were successful.

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