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November 02, 2009

My favorite Halloween candy.

I am the resident candy expert, since Ben doesn't really like sweets very much. I don't know a lot of different candies, but the ones I know I know. I delight in coaching Art through his choices as he sorts through his treat bag from Halloween. He can have two treats during every waking period. I suppose he could then get six treats a day if he took two naps instead of one!!! But I was disappointed to find that none of the houses we went to gave out Smarties! They are my favorite Halloween candy. I love the way they feel between my fingers - they are so smooth and fit so nicely! I used to like to have one stuck to my finger and one on my thumb and clap them together. And the little divet fits so nicely on the end of your tongue, too! Ah, Smarties. I could go on. I haven't even talked about their lovely taste... Anyway, tongiht Art accompanied me to Walgreens to pick up a movie and I decided to run and look for Smarties, because i had told him about them being my favorite Halloween candy. They had them! I bought a bag and we opened them in the car. He ate one and said, "Mmmm. They're sweet and sour." Then he said something that just made me know he was my son. He said, "Mama, put them one on your finger. Put one on your finger, Mama, like this... That feels good." That's my boy.

Speaking of sweets, Art has been so very generous with his treat bag. Yesterday and today he shared a treat with me, saying that he had a lot so I could have one. Today he offered me another treat. I chose Butterfinger, but since he only had one I said I'd share it with him so he could try it. No, he said, he has a lot. I can have the whole one myself. And then he gave one to Ben and later shared with Lewis. I'm really proud of him for being so generous. And for noticing the fine details of a great Halloween candy.

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Nance said...

I LOVE Smarties! Brian is always disappointed when I buy the Halloween candy because I'll buy Smarties and other fruity candies (Pixie Stix anyone?) instead of dark chocolate. They're cheaper, too.

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