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November 15, 2009

Lewis's Check UP!

Lewis had his 18 month check up last week. He handled himself very well - sat on the scale, got measured, ears and eyes checked and belly squished. All is normal and well!

He was measured for height on the paper first, which gave him an extra 1 1/2"!!!  So at first we got this for his percentile:

Taller than 100% of other kids his age!?!?! They remeasured him standing up and he was just over 34", 98th percentile. Ben said, "Where's that extra 2%? I wanna take 'em out! Then my kid can be 100th again!!!" Lewis didn't mind either way. He had a fine time at the doctor's office.

It should also be known that he is quickly adding words to his vocabulary. He says banana (nanna), apple, bubbles, stool, Mama, Papa, owl, baby, tree, ball and maybe another. Oh! He says, "Uh-oh!" and "No", too. In fact, he was pointing to something and saying it was an owl and I said, "Is that the owl?" and at first he said, "Uh-huh," and then he paused and corrected himself and me with a clear, "Nooooo." He's finding that saying words is a lot faster than eh-eh-eh.

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