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November 29, 2009


When my brother Josh and I were kids our pops used to get a bunch of old refridgerator boxes and other big ones and made a little maze for us. It was a highlight of childhood and super duper fun. My dad now lives in North Carolina and recently built a big castle for my step-sisters kids out there, and a few months ago he broke it down and had it shipped here. I got a call one day, "Mr. Garvin, we have a delivery. Where is your loading dock?" So funny.

I stored the boxes in our garage and last night, the day before Arthur's birthday, my brother came over, read books to art and tucked him in, and then we worked into the wee hours building the castle listening to Bob Dylan and drinking Summit. It was real fun and real nice of Josh to come over and spearhead the construction of the thing. Papa had even written us instructions labeling each box with numbers and a grid.

While Josh and I were working on the boxes Jessica stayed up equally late making literally one of the tastiest cakes I think I've ever eaten. It took TWO bags of Giardelli chocolate chips and FIVE sticks of butter. omg. By the time Art's big day was over the entire thing was gone.

The next day Art and Lew spent most of the morning playing exploring their new 3-story box castle. And then four of Arthur's friends came over for a couple hours for a birthday party and cake. Here are a bunch of photos from his great day.

Art's friend Henry in the lookout (there are THREE stories to the thing).

Art's friend Maura hopping down from the second story.

A quick break for a dance party.

Two kids going two directions.

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