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October 09, 2009

What kind of snack?

My mom will attest to this, after watching the kids last weekend - Art is always asking for food.  "What can I eat?"  All day long.  It's sometimes kind of maddening trying to come up with another snack or to suffer the whining and rolling on the floor if the snack is not produced.  Here's is tonight's exchange, while watching our nightly pre-bedtime nature show.

Art: I want something to eat.
Me: [Pausing nature show and letting out a big sigh.] Do you want something hard and crunchy or soft?
Art: Soft.
Me: [Taking a moment to think something up.]  Cheese?
Art: Cheese is hard and flat and when you bend it, it cracks so I'll have to eat something else.

When you bend it, it cracks?  I tell you, I really am starting to believe that children under six are all obsessive-compulsive.  Can't eat cheese because it's flat?  So strange.  And what did he decide he wanted?  Cheerios.  So weird.

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