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October 10, 2009


This morning there was a dusting of snow on the ground. What!?!? I kind of think of snow as not really being a possibility until Halloween, thanks to the infamous Halloween Blizzard of '92. (Ask any Minnesotan about it and they will chew your ear off with stories about it.) Anywho, I was downstairs with Lewis and suddenly heard Art at the top of the stairs when we woke up this morning. "Snow?!?" I called back to him and said, "I know! Isn't it weird?" "Is it real?" he asked. "Yeah, it's real snow! Not a lot of it, but it's snow." "You're silly, Mama." And when I insisted it was real his first impulse was to say, "I want to taste it!"

I suited him up in Ben's heavy sweatshirt, some mittens and and sneakers and he ran outside to eat the snow. He ate and ate and ate. He's like a dog. And then when he came in his face was all cold and slow moving and he tried to offer some snow off his mittens for Lewis. Lewis declined.

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Ashley said...

god, that is cute!

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