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September 14, 2009

Our one apple.

We finally picked the apples (rather, apple) from our Honeycrisp tree in the backyard. All summer our whole family has been lusting over one big, juicy thing. We planted the tree a couple years ago and this was the first time it's ever grown an apple. Over the summer we had many close calls as Lewis grabbed it, "NO NO! No, Lewis!" Tsundi nearly pulled the thing off before Jessica intervened. I can't tell you how many times Jessica would admire it and suggest we pick it before a squirrel or something gets it. So you can imagine how excited Arthur (and Jessica) was when he finally decided to pick the tasty apple.

We passed the fruit around in a circle each taking a bite until the kids lost interest. Not Jessica or I, though. We polished it off. It was entirely delicious but also had a strange oniony aftertaste. Maybe we created a hybrid?

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