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September 25, 2009

Edinborough Park.

Today we had planned a trip to the apple orchard but rain diverted us to the huge indoor play park in Edina. It's excessive and huge and quite fun. Some 6 or 7 stories of slides and bridges and balls. Lewis was much braver than Art, zipping down slides and climbing up things before Art. In some ways Lewis helps Art do things he wouldn't normally, or at least as quickly.

Here's a short slidshow of poor Lewis. He recovered quickly to slide again.

This is a photo of their website that gives a better overall sense of the thing.

Art practiced shooting for a quite a while and become quite good (although Jess and I were both quite a bit better). He made the shot photographed here.

Lew was a total disgrace, couldn't even hit the rim.

The had a number of these fun wheely things to zip around on.

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