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September 30, 2009

Dead bunnies and how tigers breathe.

First of all, our nearly ignored cat, Carma, continues to bring us gifts from the wild.  Ben said he found a dismembered rat in the yard yesterday and today I found, with both children present, a headless baby bunny... and an ear.  Ew. I know!  EW!  Art seemed unphased that the baby bunny had no head.  Or that a bunny ear was just laying there inches away.  I explained that Carma had probably hunted and captured that bunny.  Now we would bury it in the ground so its body to turn into dirt and make new things.  We've been watching a lot of nature shows.  Hunting and killing seems pretty well accepted at this point.  Maybe not completly understood, but accepted.

On the subject of nature shows, we were watching Planet Earth, Deep Ocean and Art asked, "Why do fish need to be in the water and why do they die if they're not in the water and why does the water need fish?"  I explained that all things that are alive need something called oxygen and fish get their oxygen from the water.  People get their oxygen from the air.  

"Why can't fish be out of the water?" he asked again.  

"Because they can only breathe the oxygen in the water.  We breathe the oxygen in the air."  

"How does a tiger breathe?"

"He breathes the air."

I don't know.  I just loved that he randomly wanted to know about a tiger after all that fish talk.

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