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September 17, 2009

Art's new school.

Jess: Starting at the beginning of this month Art started going to his new school. Actually, it's in a woman's basement. Last week he actually said, "This is not a school. It's a house!"

I think the fact that it's in a house, that it's small (there's only six kids total), quiet and play-based make this a really wonderful place for Art. He sends us off almost moments after getting in the door and I can just tell he's having a good time. His mood has been really high lately.

That's Miss Jen, the mother of three (including a 2+ week old baby!) who is the teacher/creator of the little Willow Preschool in her basement. She's very creative. I wish you could see the play kitchen she created out of overturned IKEA cabinets and wooden blocks. And you can just tell that the space is so bright, gentle and cheerful.

Even though there are only six kids and even if only two kids are there every day has a leader. Today Art was the leader! I asked him what that meant and he said that the leader gets to pick books out for story time, is first in line (to go upstairs, outside, etc.) and maybe does something else. Here he's holding a ball for his turn in Circle Time. Apparently he shows his boo-boos at every circle time. At last that's what Henry said.

We're real happy for Art having a great place to go three days a week. A place where he learn school skills like taking turns, following directions and such, and gets to be with friends. And Ben and I get to have those mornings together with Lewis, which is a great bonus for the three of us. Happy for everyone!

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