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August 10, 2009

What do people do all day?

Jessica has always talked about when she was a child her sister Emily and her would spend hours and hours at the beach when they were at the cottage. Doing what? It was hard to imagine. But this past weekend as we spend a few days there I watched as Art and even Lewis would creatively fill time digging, dumping, washing, swimming, pretending, eating. It was a revelation for me and entirely wonderful for the kids.

I'll post more photos from our weekend tomorrow...


Dr Em said...

what do you do at the beach all day? Well, for starters you can

1. make a sand castle
2. bury your legs in the sand
3. makes imaginary cakes and pies out of wet sand
4. see how deep a hole you can dig
5. collect rocks and snails
6. use rocks and snails to decorate sand castle

Jess said...

7. make meatballs
8. inspect small insects
9. dribble sand into towers
10. eat watermelon
11. put sand in your Papa's sandals

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