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August 04, 2009


Yesterday I set up our small 2-seater tent in the backyard and it provided some serious entertainment. I loaded it with a big poofy blanket and pillows, and Art and Lew had some hardcore wrestling. It really wonderful to watch Lewis and Art play and laugh together. Art is learning to be gentle at times, but he also knows how to play rough with Lewis in a way that I think Jessica and I aren't. Right on the edge of injury.

Before bedtime I offered to read Arthur books in the tent. He was so excited he could barely control himself. The idea of reading books before bedtime NOT in his bed in itself is sort of shocking. But to do it OUTSIDE and in a TENT? I have to admit, I was pretty excited, too.


Anonymous said...

So cute! I wonder though, were there ANTS in the tent? How about ants?!?!?

Anonymous said...

I need more ants. This is SOME ants, but I have an insatiable need for ants!

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