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August 31, 2009

Great day to go out in a boat.

Josh and Ben were going to take Art out on a canoe ride today, but Art was driving Ben crazy so i went instead.  Happens sometimes.  But how lucky was I!  Gorgeous day, good company and snacks!  Thanks, Josh!  

We put the canoe in at Lake Calhoun, went through a tunnel under Lake Street and then Josh tried to smell a Lotus flower, but he accidentally dunked it with his paddle.  We kept paddling under another tunnel while feeding cheese puffs to some ducks and got to Lake of the Isles.  Paddled to the island at Lake of the Isles and then through another tunnel to a small part of the lake then through some canal type thing with houses on both sides until we came out into some Lake I've never seen before!  

Through one of the tunnels we were yelling things to make an echo.  The next tunnel Art yelled his usual, "Echo!" and then, "I'm a sandwich!"  That might be the new echo-test phrase.

(Ben added this little map, it was Cedar Lake)

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