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August 02, 2009


Last night Ben rode his bike home from St. Paul and saw a festival in the Mexican neighborhood on Lake Street. He said there was food and one of those big, inflatable jumping things. So we took the kids out there for dinner. Art didn't eat at all.

He spent the whole time playing in the big, inflatable things. He jumped what seemed like an hour. He jumped for so long we had to pay twice!

While they were cleaning the inflatable jumper I was talking to a man about how much fun my older son had had (Art was off getting a baloon) and how I had to pay again since he wouldn't come out. The man said, "Oh, the little boy with the tutu? My wife told me about that." (Art wanted to wear the tutu because we told him there would be music and dancing at the festival.) Then the man let Lewis go inside while they were wiping it down. Great for Lewis!

Art also went through an inflatable climbing thing, which was pretty fun. But he only did two of his three allotted passes. The jumper was calling him, I guess.

It was great. He jumped and jumped in that thing and what was the best for us parents is that he is usually pretty scared to go in things alone (see me on the climbing thing?) but he wanted to be in the jumper so bad at one point he even told us we could go away and he would just come and find us. When we initially told him that only kids were allowed, not grown-ups, he said, "That's ok. I can just go in by myself and look at you through the window." That was great for us. Poor Lewis. He couldn't go in there because he would have gotten smacked down, but he got his chance later. And both kids got balloons that night. It was a nice evening.

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