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August 29, 2009


We ran a race at the zoo this morning and it was SO MUCH FUN! Art had a blast running a 50 yard dash last year at the Twin Cities Marathon. He got a medal that he wore for two weeks straight. But this one was quite a bit longer - 1/2 a mile! Well, I'd say he walked about 1/8 a mile inbetween running at top speed while wildly flailing his limbs the other 3/8th's. Occasionally he would sigh dramatically and say, "Whoh. I need to take break!" while sitting himself down on the curb.

This is me running next to Art after the start. He's on my right. Really, he is.

What form!!!


Dr Em said...

what a beautiful day for a race!

rocco said...

That looks like so much fun.

Next up on the three year old Grand Prix Race Circuit:

Labor Day. Super fun race. 1/2 mile race for the kids (I think it's a ribbin and not a medal). And best of all...FREE HOT DOGS AFTERWARDS!!! And I think burgers, but I always go for the hot dogs.

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