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July 27, 2009

RV Madness!

Our neighbors Kathy and Linda have an RV and yesterday they took Art and Lewis out for a spin. I just knew Art would have a blast being in a car that had a stove, a fridge, a bed and a table. We visited the RV on Saturday and he really thought it was cool and then he asked about three or four times when he would be going for a ride in it. Finally it was the time- after his nap on Sunday. He made his non-verbal, closed-mouth, tense-neck squeal he was so excited!

Kathy and Linda are a couple who lives across the alley. We eat their copious raspberries everyday. They're Grandma-type age and they treated Art and Lewis like grandchildren. Ice cream, the park and watching airplanes take off. They were gone for over two hours and when we went over to pick the boys up it was clear from their faces that they all had a good time.

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