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July 30, 2009

A lovely turning point.

Over the past couple weeks - or maybe a month or so - we have been blessed with a lovely new development in Art's awareness.  He is telling the people he loves how he feels about them more than ever.  Just last week he said to Bubbe, out of the blue while they were playing a game or eating a snack or something, "Bubbe, you always make me happy."  He told Nanna that he loved her twice while she was in town.  At night he's started saying, "Goodnight, Mama.  I love you."  He only just started saying goodnight to us recently.  Just think.  3 1/2 years of hearing, "Goodnight, Art.  I love you," and suddenly something inside compelled him to start saying it back.  I like to think about it.

Goodnight, everyone.  

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Dr Em said...

Sweet Dreams!

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