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July 24, 2009

Little Boys.

I have realized that little boys, maybe big boys, too, have a need to displace and dismantle things.  Not necessarily destroy them, but definitely take things apart and move the parts to various new locations.  Everything Art does seems to eventually turn into a dismantling and displacing game.  I swear.  It's like a primal need.  We had to outlaw a particularily fun game for Art because it was just too ridiculous.  He called it Garbage Man and it started as him just taking random things from the yard and tossing them over the edge of his plastic climbing house in through the 'roof'.  You know how the garbage man tosses stuff into the truck?  Well, he could play this game for 40 minutes or more.  So focused.  That was fine, but then he started playing the game in the basement which involved taking the cushions off the couch and pillows from the guest bed and dumping out all the buckets of blocks and marble toys and legos and adding random things from all over the basement into the imaginary garbage truck in the corner.  Or 'This is the Ocean!' when he takes the covers off his bed and pulls them around the bedrooms saying, "This is the ocean!  Do you wanna see the ocean!?"  And there's Lewis undoing the bucket o' tupperware lids and taking pieces to the living room, foyer or porch.  What is that?  

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