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July 31, 2009

A couple things Art said.

Well, first of all, we've been on our own for a couple nights while Ben is shooting Viking Training Camp in Mankato.  Doing fine.  Keeping the fort under control and taking advantage of convenience food.  (Tonight's dinner was frozen stir-fry vegetables with tofu and a bottled stir-fry sauce.  No technique - or chopping, really - necessary.)  Lewis ate a lot,  as usual, and we had a lovely dance party after dinner.  Lewis was nude and trying to jump all over the place (his feet never actually leave the ground) and Art was wearing his shoes, so he could stomp, and a tutu.  Good times.

Earlier this afternoon Art said, while sitting in the bathroom (if you catch my drift), "Mama, it's a beautiful day to take a nap!"  I agreed that it was a beautiful day - sunny and a nice wind.  He said it was a nice wind and added, "The sun is beautiful.  The plants are growin' and all the things are growin' and it's startin' to blooooom!"

After I put Lewis down for bed Art and I had some ice cream.  (I know, I know.  Why didn't i give Lewis any ice cream!?  Because he doesn't like it.  He likes ice cream sandwiches but so far he has refused all offers of regular ice cream.  Go figure.)  While we were eating it and watching a nature show Art said, "I like you, Mama!  You're a good... person to... to...." Oh!  I was so interested in what would come next!  "POOP ON THE HEAD!!!"

And that is a three year old boy.

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Dr Em said...

I offered Lewis a fudgsicle and he shook his head "no." Well, first he grabbed the cold part with his and then indicated that he did not want it.

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