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July 06, 2009

Art's artwork.

I may have mentioned this before but I am just starved for anything that comes close to a drawing or some kind of representational creation from Art. He's SO not into crayons or making anything out of stuff... He really just likes to manipulate his materials. He's a scientist! He likes to see what happens when he does this with that, etc. But I still am super curious to see how he would draw, say, a tree or me or whatever. He was using a marker the other day and I asked him if he would draw a picture of papa and he made a circly type thing and said, "Here's his big head..." and then he just got into scribbling and making the page black. That's my boy. But here's some of his new stuff.

First of all, this tent coloring thing is really a big leap for Art. He used more than one color! And look how he colored the stakes!

This was just a silly gluing project we did at home.

And here, if rotated 90 degrees, is a flower he made at school. I was really excited about this one!

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