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June 20, 2009

Terrible pictures of me and my beautiful kids.

Ben went to the cottage with Josh and Devonte to have a "special time" and Art, Lewis and I had a special time at the zoo. We really did have a good time! I was trying to snag my sister or mom or another friend to join us but it actually worked out well this way. Art doesn't have a lot of patience for animal watching at the zoo - he's only 3 1/2 for God's sake! So we could move on quickly. And Lewis could keep trudging ahead.

Art was great at running after Lewis and trying to keep him from escaping. Lewis was great at walking really fast and getting away from us. He walked/ran through the whole Tropics Trail. We also saw the brown bear in the Grizzly Trail (he was sleeping) and some otters and we went through the butterfuly tent. We got our picture taken by another single parent out there (a dad with a anti-stroller toddler) and hung out at the fountains for a while (see blown-out-but-lovely-moment picture below.) We also spent a good deal of time going through the tunnels near the pink flamingos. (See video.)

Later at home, after Lewis's nap and while Art was taking his nap, Lewis demonstrated his brute strength and overturned the coffee table. Like in the Duran Duran video or something! He is SUPER strong!

(Still figuring out this video thing. I actually don't know how to upload, I guess, but I'll get it tonight or tomorrow....)

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