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June 05, 2009

More of the Art and Tsundi show!

Tsundi arrived while Art was sleeping. I started him off with some play dough which he really enjoyed. He made a lot of 'pizza' and while I tinkered about the house he kept asking, "What doing!?" Everything Tsundi says is in a sort of yelling, screaming sort of way. When I ask him to be quiet he whispers in a screaming sort of way. The intensity is always the same: INTENSE!

When Art woke up we played in the front yard, the back yard and inside. Somehow we ended up inside drawing with markers on construction paper. That was fun and quiet. So weird for Art and Tsundi. Then Art decided he wanted to draw on his foot. Tsundi took his socks off and Art drew on Tsundi's foot. Then the two of them were busy coloring Tsundi's shins for a while until Art got refocused on himself. Then Art wanted to take off his shirt and color his chest. Naturally, Tsundi wanted to do the same thing! Art got out of his chair and took off his pants. "I wanna color my WHOLE body!" And all this time Art has been saying, "We look SO CUTE!" and "We look so colorful!"

So Tsundi was now naked, too, and Art said, "Color your penis! Color your penis, Tsundi!" and "Color your butt!" The two were covered in marker all over. We went upstairs so they could take a shower. When they got in the water was running purply-red, like Kool Aid, and they were just laughing and having a great time. I was tending to Lewis in the hallway and would peek in the curtain now and then to make sure they were getting along and getting cleaned up (!). One time Art said, "No, Mama! Keep it closed! We need some privacy."

They got all washed up and had dumped out the bath toys so I turned the shower into a bath. Eventually they were clean and Tsundi was freezing. Perhaps this is why he is always wearing two layers of pants.) Tsundi wanted to wear the frog costume and dance again. Art wanted just a tu-tu. So we did that. Put some jewelry on (what else would we do?) and went outside to meet Tsundi's grandma.

It was a trip! It's sometimes a little unnerving to have Tsundi over because he is so high-energy, but it is never boring.

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