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June 12, 2009

a minute to write about Lewis

So much Art and Tsundi activity lately, poor second-child Lewis has been getting the major Blog-shaft.  But there is a lot to say about Lewis lately.  He's been a busy boy.  He totally has a first word with "Hi!" Uses it in it's appropriate context all the time.  He especially loves to hide behind a door frame or a newspaper and suddenly show his face with a loud, "HI!"  And he is loving pouring water from one container to another.  That's all he does in the bathtub these days.  He can do accept a toast.  Just say, "Cheers!" and he will bring whatever is in his hand up to whatever is in your hand.  Turning into a little person more and more.  Those costumes we got have been fun.  Art was a monkey for two days straight and would walk around making monkey sounds.  He did it so much when I put any hat on Lewis - monkey, giraffe or even a sunhat, he started to make monkey sounds.   Ben and I actually had trouble telling the difference between Art and Lewis's monkey noises the other day.  So, basically, Lewis is an interactive member of the family.

I used to think it was so shameful that parents let themselves get so wrapped up that they didn't record their second child's babyhood as much as their firsts, but I realized that we are recording more than Art's firsts and milestones, we are recording our parenting firsts and milestones.  It makes sense to me now.  It seems a little selfish, though, now that I think about it.  Wouldn't Lewis like to know when he first grabbed a toy?  Or maybe he doesn't care.  I actually wouldn't care if I learned that kind of thing about my babyhood.  Now, knowing about making monkey sounds when someone put a sun hat on me?  That would be a fun tidbit.  I don't know.  This whole parenting thing is such a trip.  A person could drive themselves so batty wondering about everything little thing.  I know, because I've done that.  But then every once in a while I shake out of it and realize that everything in a child's life doesn't have to be just perfect to make a loving, respectful and responsible person, and that's really what a parent's job is, isn't it?  Love the kids, keep them safe and hopefully teach them what they need to know to be responsible, caring adults.  Yep, that's a good job description, to me.  

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Anonymous said...

Fun to hear about Lew and reflections from a wise woman. N

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