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June 26, 2009

The many faces of Lewis!

Oh! It is REALLY fun to have a baby around. Especially Lewis. He is great fun! First of all, he is achingly cute. Sometimes I just have to keep looking at him. Second of all, he is hilarious! Because he's a baby (well, he's technically a toddler) he's doing all sorts of funny things while he learns about the world. Reclining chair? Then I will recline. And this thing he does with costumes... He'll walk up to one of us with a costume making an urgent sound, so we'll put it over his head (even if it's the body part, like in the picture below) and he's immediately start walking around making "oooh oooh eeee ooooh" sounds. And he has a need to climb on everything to discover its possibilities. Sometimes safe (see tricycle). Sometimes not so much (chair). What a treat!

1 comment:

Dr Em said...

what do you mean the many faces of Lewis? He always looks the same. Smiley!

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