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June 03, 2009

First curse word!

I'm surprised Art hasn't said any curse words until today. Ben has such a foul mouth sometimes, and it's so effortless. One morning Lewis sounded like he was waking up and Ben shot up to look at the clock. First words out of his mouth, pre-dawn? "5:20? Fucking shit!" Although I must say he's very good about not swearing when the kids are around.

But, no, it was not Ben who inspired art to say shit today. It was his Tibetan-speaking friend, Tsundi. Tsundi got a boo-boo in the car and said, "Ow! SHIT!" or did he say, "SIT!" I think the latter, but the intent was there! Art repeated it. I said, "Ow! Just say ow!' Art's first bad influence!

But we couldn't keep those two apart if we wanted to. They really are like long lost lovers. I'm watching Tsundi for a few days while his mom finishes school, just a for a few hours each time, and the first day I had him I took him to pick Art up from school. When Art saw us he started running and screaming at the top of his lungs, "Tsundi!!! Tsundi!!!!" and Tsundi ran to him screaming, too. "Arthah!!! Arthah!!!!" Then Art was yelling to his friends at school, "Tsundi's here!!! Tsundi's here!!!!" Tsundi will call out from his grandparents kitchen window on the second floor, "Arthah!! Hi!!!!" and Art will call up to him, "Come down, Tsundi!"

It's a little exhausting for us because Tsundi is so charged. He is like a crazing humming bird, flying from one part of the yard to another, or making loads of soup in the sandbox or riding a tricycle around the lawn. But he and Art have so much fun. Today they went upstairs to use the bathroom and when I went up several minutes later they were standing over the sink, which was full of bath toys. Tsundi was soaking wet from pouring water on his head and Art was holding a tiny cup and drinking form the bristles of his toothbrush. 10 minutes later they were in costumes, a bear in a tu-to and a frog. Then switched. Then just a naked boy in a tu-tu and a frog. Then we were outside, Art in some fresh clothes and Tsundi still in the frog costume. They started rolling hula hoops.

Grandma Nema came to pick up Tsundi and offered to take Art with her to Walgreens for some ice cream. Art wanted to go, but was nervous, since he's Art. Anyway, he left and returned three times. Nema was so sweet to keep turning around and bringing him back, once because Tsundi was too loud for him, but he still left again. The second time he came back because he wanted me to come with him, but he decided to take Bear instead. The third time he said he was tired and I told him he had to stay home. They'll go tomorrow. But it was a good start!

There was more craziness that actually turned into dinner disaster later (think a pot of burnt rice, over cooked asparagus and a broken casserole with raw scrambled eggs all over the inside of the oven) but it was all forgotten after I ordered lo mein and Chicken with Garlic Sauce, aka Chicken Rice......

A big day. And another tomorrow. Wish me luck!!!

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Anonymous said...

Never a dull moment and I love to hear about it. xxxNanna

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