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June 19, 2009

Art likes glue.

Well, my mom thought that last post was the saddest thing she ever read but fear not!!!! Art is not a sad case. He just had a sad moment.

Today we had a lovely time doing "projects". Art loves doing anything with glue or scissors. He likes to use tools. So he made a... something with pom poms and googly eyes and lots of glue. yesterday he did spun art with the salad spinner.

I love to see Art do amy art since it's so rate fir him. I just love to see what he decides to create- where he chooses to place things,what colors he uses. While he was gluing the pom poms I decided to see what he would do with something representational. I cut out a monster type shape and said he could give it some eyes and hair, maybe a mouth.... He gave it two eyes! And a LOT of hair. And then he got distracted by stickers and just started focusing on peeling backings
off and stacking them. But it was a nice little moment of art with Art.

Meanwhile Lewis was stabbing a sheet of paper with crayons. Pictures to come soon!!

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