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May 20, 2009

What's that sound? (updated with new episode!)

It was 7:15am. I was about to go back to sleep to catch a few more winks and Ben was about to take Lewis downstairs when we heard this strange pa-dunk, pa-dunk, pa-dunk sound. "What's that sound?" Ben asked. I thought maybe Art was clunking something on his window... but it was getting louder... closer... Ben went in the hallway and said, "Oh my God! Look who's here!" It was Tsundi! Tsundi, who doesn't wake up until 10am on an average day was here, in our house, unbeknown to his parents. He had let himself in and just come upstairs, clunking along in huge winter boots and his pajamas. Art and Tsundi had an amazingly fun time playing with Ben and the sprinkler last night so we think that's why he probably was anxious to come back. Poor Kunsel, Tsundi's dad, was at the back door a few minutes later looking quite worried, hoping to find his son. Needless to say, I couldn't fall asleep after that. What a fun morning surprise!

Jessica just called me a work to report that Tsundi had snuck over again today around 2 without his parents knowing. He walked in with his shoes put on backwards and said, "Mama sleeping."

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