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May 12, 2009

We all want to see Nora again.

Today Art, Lewis and I went over the the Longley's house for their first time since sweet Nora died.  Art had known she was very sick.  We've visited her at home with her oxygen mask, when she couldn't go on a walk with us, and in the hospital.  We've told him that she had a special kind of sick that not a lot of people get.  Well, before I took the boys over I thought it was best to explain that Nora wouldn't be there and why.  Ben and I had talked about what we would say. Here's how it went:

Me: You know, Art, I wanted to tell you that Nora won't be at Nance and Brian's today.
Art: Why?  
Me: Well, Nora died.
Art: What's 'died'?
Me: Well, her body stopped working and she couldn't use it anymore.  So we can't see Nora when we go to Nance's today.
Art: But I want to see her.
Me: So do I.  So does everybody.  [Pause.]  A lot of people are very sad about it.  I'm sad about it.
Art: [Pause.] But where did she go?
Me: That's a good question.  They took her body away and doctors are going to look at it and try to figure out why she got so sick.  Now if we want to see her or think about her we can look at pictures of her or see the people she loved and the things that she loved...  She's kind of everywhere.

here's a link to Nora's Caring Bridge site.


Mary Jo said...

That is so lovely Jess. Thank you.

Ashley said...


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