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May 27, 2009

Cottage reportage.

Lews footprints.

Uncle Brian reads Art his books. Art loved (loves) hanging out with Brian.

Art slept in real late both mornings, and both times we found him entirely UNDERCOVERS.

Emma Longley rises from where she slept between Cait and Zach.


We went 'deer hunting' one night, something Jessica did as a kid with her family. We basically just drove around looking for deer at dusk. Halfway through Jessica dropped Lew and I off (so I could put him to bed) and Art and Jess went on a 'special car ride' where Art was allowed to sit in the front seat. This photo is from when the returned, and they saw TWO deer. Art was very proud, and wanted to show me how he got to sit up front.

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Anonymous said...

What a great series of pics!

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